25 August, 2011

I feel so refreshed!

Yeah, and that's because I didn't hear my alarm this morning and didn't wake up until 7:30!  I had  little trouble falling asleep last night.  I feel great though.  This weather is glorious.

With yesterday being Wednesday and noon knitting I had a rest so I am hoping my run will be a bit stronger today.  And I don't have a meeting to dash off to afterwards so I can take my time to cool off.  Oh how I wish we had showers here!  It's not so bad in the winter but in the summer ... well, you can only imagine! 

The sleeves were bound off for the Kaleidoscope cardigan and I picked up stitches for the left button band.  I got about half way through the knitting of that band.  Depending upon Tink's level of playfulness I may be able to finish that up tonight and start on the second one.  For my next cardigan I am going to explore a way to knit the button band while I am doing the fronts.  It seems so inefficient to pick up and stitch out.  Probably it is because of structure that one would want to do that, but I think that if you use some sort of twisted stitch or a slip before the band itself, perhaps done in seed stitch, you could obtain the same effect.  I'll try it on a swatch.

It felt like Friday yesterday.  No fair.

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