19 August, 2011

Late late late

That's my morning.  Late.  I didn't get to bed late last night.  Normal time, but I woke up in the night and started thinking about a presentation I'm working on and I couldn't shut my thoughts down.  It's nothing I'm worried about, it's just that when I left work yesterday I was right in the middle of it, so I was just taking up where I had left off.  Annoying.  I was very tired when the alarm went off and must have turned it off because next thing I knew I picked up my iPhone and it was 7 am.  I drove in.  It's just too stressful to deal with buses when you're in a hurry.

It's cloudy and chilly this morning but predicted to be clear and sunny the entire weekend with highs in the 80s.  This might be the weekend when I give the swimming pools a try.  Tonight I'm going up north to have dinner with some friends and I will be spending the night, so I'll be getting a late start tomorrow.  Maybe I'll get all my chores and errands out of the way tomorrow and then if it is indeed nice on Sunday I can lounge around outside for as long as I want.

I will make a big push on Saturday evening to get the mitts finished.  I promised my sister I'd put them in the mail next week.  Finishing - that's what August is going to be about.  And Saturday we'll be having another Seahawks pre-season game on TV.  Wow ... I just realized I've only got a week to get my fantasy scouting done.  We're having the draft on the 28th.  I will be attending via telephone.  Not as good as being there in person but that wasn't going to happen.  My nephew offered to draft for me -- ah, no.  I had a terrible team last year because they drafted - not for me but for the guy I replaced - and it was a terrible roster.  I will have a fighting chance if I can make my picks myself.  Last year was embarrassing but it is nearly impossible to completely replace all your players with good ones. 

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