03 August, 2011

Lost my rant!

Yesterday evening something got under my skin and I was going to rant about it this morning and now I can't remember what it was!!  How could that happen??  It was a good one, that much I remember.  One can only conclude that it wasn't truly that annoying I guess.

Here's what I did yesterday evening -- I played with my iPad.  AND ... I told a little white lie to avoid social contact just so I could do that!  I think, by definition, that makes me a bad person.  I also think that I'm probably not the only person to do such a thing to have quality hours with their newest toy.  We're still getting to know each other.  Of course, I stayed up way too late with it as well and I had a hard time getting out this morning, although I was able to catch the 7:39 bus so I was only a few minutes late.

Tink is sick ... she has parasites and let's not even think about how I know this.  I can't call the veterinary doctor's office until 9 am.  I hope this is a quick and inexpensive cure.  I  hate leaving her when she's sick and I'm supposed to drop her off at the kennel Friday evening.

Thank goodness today is Wednesday and I can actually get some knitting done!  Obviously I did not knit last night.  I believe I will take the mitts with me to Las Vegas.  I might knit.  You never know.

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