01 August, 2011

Gadget struck

Summer came to Seattle this weekend.  Friday evening was gorgeous!  Saturday also just stunning.  Sunday -- a little hiccup in that it rained most of the day BUT it's blue skies and warm temperature for the entire rest of the week.  Finally.

I had a fun time Friday night.  What was supposed to be a short couple of drinks ended up to last until late but I woke up feeling great on Saturday.  Practically euphoric.  It must have been the sunshine and warm air.  After Tink's walk I headed out for my manicure and pedicure and grocery shopping.  It was an amazingly lucky day for me - crazy lucky.  And so I figured since things seemed to be going my way I would add to the mitzvah of it and I did a little fancy number manipulation and bought myself an early birthday present.  A very extravagant one but I have no buyer's remorse.  The iPad is pretty much the best grownup toy around.  I messed around with it Saturday night, of course, putting apps on there and now I have magazines and crossword puzzles and tons and tons of things.  I haven't even begun to scratch the surface yet.  My friend Ginny has 90 apps on hers!  90!  I can't wait to take a look at it and see what's she has.

Sunday was a really busy and long day.  It was, as I said, raining Sunday morning so our walk was a short one.  Then I headed out for a little shopping and then it was chores around the house and dog walks and I didn't sit down with the newspaper until 6 pm!  The day just got away from me.  Then I ended up playing with the iPad until WAY too late and when the alarm clock went off this morning I was deep deep into sleep.  I will have to go to bed early tonight to catch up. 

Now this is supposed to be a blog about knitting and I feel so guilty that I haven't posted any knitting pictures.  But I haven't been knitting!  I can't seem to find the time.  Oh ... and now the fantasy football is starting up and that's going to eat into my free time as well.  Anyway ... so there was absolutely no knitting at all this weekend.  BUT I did take some pictures of the WIPs and maybe my posting them I'll get off my lazy behind and actually do a little work on the projects. 

First we have the mitts I'm working on for my sister.  Yes, they are as vivid as they look in the pictures.  If you look closely you can see the thumb gussets.  I have about 10 more rows of thumb gussets to do, then I'll be nearly done.  I would like to finish them this week so I can bring them down with me to Las Vegas Saturday morning, but we'll see.  At the rate I've been going lately it doesn't seem likely, does it?

This is the Kaleidoscope Cardigan.  The needles are through the sleeves and I have about 2 more inches to do there before I do the ribbing for the sleeves.  They are 3/4 length.  Then I have to pick up for the button bands and knit them and that's going to take some time because it's a close fitting cardigan that is long-ish.  It is also vivid but I think will look cute with a pair of jeans with a black tank underneath it.

And finally we have the Milanese Shower Bolero.  I haven't done much on that at all.  This is the beginning of the two sleeves.  The lace pattern will show up better once it's blocked.  The yarn is lofty so the lace isn't showing up as well as it will.  The color is great and the yarn is so yummy and soft.  It's alpaca and silk.  I'm not in any great hurry with this because it's going to be a couple of months before I'll be able to wear it anyway.  It's going to be very warm.

Those are my neglected projects.  I do at least touch them every day and I am going to make a big effort to get some progress made.  Soon.  Very soon.

Now my big effort today is going to be not playing with my iPad when I should be working!

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