17 August, 2011

A very special day

Yesterday was one of those wonderful days when everything went right and more than right.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue - that's a good start.  I had my job performance review to look forward to in the late morning and it went GREAT!  Everyone around here has been on pins and needles for a couple of years since all of the budget cuts started and I'm no exception.  But I was praised and when I lamented the fact that I hadn't been able to attend a meeting for a few years and felt like I was getting behind, I was assured that I could attend the next one - I just missed one in June.  That is all good news and I was very happy and relieved.  Then I went out for my run and ran the fastest mile yet!  Finally I got under 11 minutes, which may not seem to very fast to you but it felt like flying to me!  Now if I can just pare a few more second off that mile ..... but I mustn't be greedy.  I'm happy that I'm getting faster.  3 1/2 weeks until my next race.

I heard back from my friend in Luxembourg about my travel dates in November and she is fine with the dates we had discussed earlier.  Now I get to have the fun part - planning the itinerary, looking for things to see and do.  I am spending a few days on both ends of the trip in London catching up with another friend and I'll have plenty of time there to go to some museums and galleries, which I didn't do the last time.  I know it's weeks and weeks and weeks away but still, I can't help making plans. 

And for the finale, in the evening I met 3 of my favorite people for dinner.  We all yammered away for 2 or more hours, catching up and gossiping.  And I got to bed at a decent hour.  End of a perfect day.

Thank goodness it's Wednesday noon knitting and I can most likely get the hands done for the mitts and then tonight all I'll have to do is the thumb tops.  They won't be closed so it'll just be a few rows more and then a ribbed bind off.  I'd like to get them in the mail to my sister this weekend.

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