24 August, 2011

Have a nice trip?

During nearly every little 5K race I've run I see someone along the side of the track on their hands and knees.  It looks embarrassing at best and painful at worst.  Yesterday that someone was almost me.  I went out for my run an hour early because I wanted to be cooled down and changed in time for my afternoon meeting since I had to give a little talk and couldn't hide along the side.  I thought I would have an extra specially good run since I was getting out there earlier and thus would have more of my breakfast energy to draw upon.  Oddly that was not the case and about mile 2 I was really dragging.  I suppose it was a case of not picking my feet up high enough and a little bump in the very bumpy trail, because I caught my right toe and nearly went down.  I managed to do that silly hopping thing and tilted myself toward the dirt side of the track where there were trees and grabbed onto some branches, righting myself at the last second.  It would have been ugly had I gone down.  The trail is paved but cracked, hence the bumps.  Dirt or pavement, it could have been a bad scene.  I must have some crazy busy guardian angels, because Monday I almost got hit by a car running a red light.  Or is it all the clean living?  Whatever, I managed to dodge another one.  *whew*

Seattle summer is in full swing, which means another week of 80-ish temperatures and blue skies.  It is just lovely after that depressingly cold spring.  The apartment stays warm-ish but I just keep the fan on me and make do.  It is not conducive to knitting though, so I'm glad for Wednesday noon knitting or I would hardly get anything done!  I am sure not going to be wishing for cooler weather.  All my projects will still be waiting for me when it is cooler.

Work is picking up and I am busy and don't have too much time to daydream about my next big adventure.  Emma got a little anxious and almost threw a wrench into the works, but she calmed down and got her dates straight and now everything is set - status quo, no changes.  Perfect.  I cannot wait to see all my old friends!  But wait I shall.  Time moves quickly enough, doesn't it?  No need to hurry things along.

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