23 August, 2011

A dog in shoes

The street I live on is bordered by poplar trees all up and down the entire length.  It is beautiful in the spring when the leaves are just coming out and it is going to be stunning when all the leaves start to turn.  At this time of year however it is simply sticky.  It is amazing how much sap those trees put out.  Sometimes when I walk under one I can feel it raining down on me.  A few leaves have already started falling and they are sticky with sap.  Tink walks over them and they stick on her feet and belly and muzzle so that every block or so I have to stop and clean her off.  But the cutest is when they are stuck on her feet and it looks like she is wearing shoes.  Well ... cute to me, I should say.  Annoying to her, for sure.  She is getting a grooming this weekend so that might cut down on the amount of stuff that gets stuck to her since her skirt won't be dragging on the ground.

I had a decent run yesterday and I've started back up with the two-a-day workouts.  I have three weeks until my next race and I want to be in tip top shape!  I checked the race results for this particular race from last year and unless there are tons more people I might be able to place a little higher than the middle of my age group.  It would be nice to be in the top 1/4  - I'd settle for that.

After the workout I did get the mitts for my sister finished - finally!  And what did I do?  I left them on the table.  I wanted to get them sent off today but it'll have to wait for tomorrow.  I tried to do a few rows on the sleeves of the cardigan but Tink wanted to play ball and I felt pretty good about finishing that project, so I indulged her.  It seems strange to me - if I am just lounging on the couch watching TV or a movie in the evening Tink doesn't bother me much.  I mean she'll want to go out at her normal times but she doesn't pester me to throw the ball or have a tussle.  But if I'm knitting she is at me almost constantly.  I need to figure out what triggers that - is it the chair I am sitting in?  No -- it has to be the knitting because she does the same thing if I am knitting on the couch.  I'll figure it out.

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