04 August, 2011


I actually did some knitting last night!  And it felt good too.  It was only for about an hour but nevertheless I feel like it's a big accomplishment.  There was no noon knitting yesterday because it would have been only me.  Instead of knitting I took a nice long walk along the lake.  Summer is finally here and it is so beautiful.  There is nothing like Seattle in the summer and I guess that's why we put up with the dark and damp days.  Whinging is part of the whole thing. 

My evening was a sweaty mess.  When my first bus arrived at our transfer spot my bus schedule app, "One Bus Away", showed the next bus coming to my stop was running late and it would be about 25 minutes.  Well heck, I can walk home in that amount of time, so I set off for home.  Unfortunately my footwear was something less than ideal for walking a mile and I quickly developed a blister on the bottom outside of my foot, causing me to curse my impatience.  And then ... then the bus went by and I couldn't make it to the stop in time.  The app was wrong and I had a long way to go.  I made it to the next bus stop and sat and waited a minute and caught a bus to take me the last few blocks.  That probably saved me from really hurting myself because this morning the blister has gone down and I should be able to run. 

Once home I had to get Tinkerbell walked and get a sample to take to the vet.  My wish was granted, I packed it up and we headed back home where I switched out her leash and off we went to see the vet.  They were very nice and tested the sample while I went to the grocery store, then we waited ... and waited for the doctor to get us the medicine.  Thankfully they couldn't find any nasty things in the sample like I had seen in the morning, but they took my word for it and gave me the stuff.  So again, after my chores it wasn't until 7:30 that I was able to sit and relax.  I had a cocktail, made a little dinner and then knit in my comfy chair until the siren song of the iPad drew me into the bedroom. 

My iPad was introduced to Amazon yesterday.  Oh Amazon .... they make it so incredibly easy!  I downloaded the Kindle app to my iPad and bought two technical manuals I needed for learning a new program so that I can ePublish our syllabi.  One click and the book was downloading onto my iPad through the wireless network.  A little miracle.  Then I set it up on it's little pink stand next to my desktop screen and I can read the book and work on the program simultaneously.  I don't like reading manuals on line because I have to switch from screen to screen and there is no annotation or bookmarking.  With my iPad this is not a problem.  It is perfect.  

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