22 August, 2011


This weekend was the perfect Seattle August weekend.  Hot, but not too hot.  Although I spent the night up north with my friends, after a completely stunning dinner, I got an early start and was home with Tink by about 11.  I changed into some shorts and a tank and off we headed for the lake.  She was so hot and anxious for the water that as soon as we crossed the street to the lake she made a bee line for the kiddie wading pool.  No dogs allowed, of course but she is so stubborn that she set her little feet and wouldn't budge.   I had to pick her up and carry her across the path to the lake!  She doesn't really swim, she just wades around in the water and it is so cute.  I let her play for a while and then when she got out we started heading back towards home.  But it turns out she was not ready to go and she set her little feet again and wouldn't budge.  It makes me look like I am being mean to her when I try to urge her forward and she is stubbornly not moving.  It is funny except when there are tons of people around staring.  I finally got her going but it was slow going on the way home because she insists on rolling in the grass every other step.  We did the same walk on Sunday because it was gorgeous again, but that time I wore shoes I could wear into the water and I waded with her and we spent more time.  She was a little happier about heading home then.

The second preseason football game was on Saturday night and I used that time wisely and finished up the hand portion of the mitts for my sister.  Tonight I will get the thumbs done and I can send them off.  Next to finish - the Kaleidoscope cardigan.

Saturday when I was out with Tink I had my ear buds in and Pandora Radio playing.  I felt great, the weather was great, the music was great .... I am just so darned happy I almost feel like talking about it is going to jinx it!  Isn't that crazy?  I am just so lucky and I don't know what I've done to deserve it. 

This weekend was all about sloth - I just couldn't make myself do anything but the bare minimum.  Possibly because it was so hot.  There was a lot of quality time with the iPad.  I bought a new game -- heaven help me -- a racing game that is so incredible you have to see it to believe it.  I did find one teensie little annoyance.  My fantasy football draft is next Sunday so I thought I'd do a couple practice drafts as I was lounging around with the iPad.  I wasn't thinking it through - the Yahoo Fantasy Football Draft is a Flash-based tool.  That is the only negative I have found so far in all the hours I've spent with it.  I know intellectually that iPhones and iPads won't run Flash but this is the first time I've run up against it.  A small annoyance and the racing game pretty much makes up for it. 

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