12 August, 2011

Football is back!

Yesterday evening was the first pre-season game for the Seahawks and it was nationally televised.  They won, which is wonderful of course.  But it's pre-season so basically our 2nd and 3rd stringers beat the Chargers' 2nd and 3rd stringers.  Our first group didn't do so well.  Our new quarterback didn't have his favorite receiver to throw to and our defense was not working well together.  We did lose some very important guys there and they haven't been able to practice much yet so we can still be excited.  It's a very young team now.  You know what I say -- football is back and all is right with the world.

I drove in this morning because I have an appointment at 4:30 and need to dash home to walk the dog before I head to my appointment.  On these days when I drive I take elevators in the J wing and they are extremely slow and to make matters worse, most of the lights on the display above the doors are burnt out so one is never sure when the elevator is going to arrive.  The lights do work on the call buttons so one can easily see if the person standing and waiting for a car is going up or down.  So I am standing there after pushing the UP button, which is lit, patiently waiting for a car when this idiot in Teva sandals and white socks, an orange windbreaker carrying a nylon insulated lunch bag (I want you to have a complete picture in your mind), comes up beside me and pushes that UP button three or four times!!  It took every last ounce of strength for me not to say something like , "Oh, yes thanks.  I am sure you can push that button much better than I ever could."  See?  I don't have the snappy comeback ready for that situation and rather than look less than lethal tongued, I choked it back.  But the right thing is going to come to me and I'll keep it in reserve for the next time.  And oh, there is always a next time because this type of idiot seems to be everywhere.

I had forgotten that my  running clothes are in the hamper so there was no running yesterday and I wasn't about to do laundry last night so I have given myself this entire week off and next week I'll get back on the program.  I have two races coming up -- one in September and one in October.  I really really want to get a significantly better time so I've got to keep at it.

Also - no knitting to report.  I was just happy to recline on the couch and watch football.  But I am SO close to finishing up that Kaleidoscope cardigan and I know it'll be a fun sweater for the fall with a little tank under it with jeans.  Today I'm wearing that gorgeous Rondeur top.  I just love this top.  Maybe I should make another one with long sleeves.  The yarn is on sale at WEBS this month.  It's the Aimee yarn, which is a cotton and cashmere blend.  Super soft.  I will think about it.

Ready for the weekend.  Nothing huge planned.  Let's hope the weather is nice.  It looks like Sunday is going to be rainy so I should get all my running around done tomorrow.  And then if it is rainy on Sunday I can be content sitting and knitting.  There should be some pre-season on as well!

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