26 August, 2011

It happened again!

Now it's a mystery!  I woke up at 7:30 again this morning.  I don't remember turning off the alarm.  I don't even remember hearing the alarm.  It's not like I was up late or didn't have a restful night.  I slept great.  I can only surmise that I turned the volume down too low or .... well, I'm going to have to test it out this weekend and fix it.

It is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous outside!  I didn't even need any kind of sweater or anything over my T-shirt this morning, it's that warm and sunny.  I got out for my run before noon yesterday and I'm going to do that again today and even so that's hot enough.  I didn't get a great run, but a decent one.  My legs are a bit sore from my two-a-days ... well, they're not sore today but were really sore on Wednesday.  Next week it won't be quite so hot and I should have better runs.

Work is winding up for the start of class on the 6th and I'm busy trying to keep everything in order.  All my stress goes right between my shoulder blades.  I had SUCH a headache yesterday.  Oh, I would have given anything for a massage, but that's not in the plans for this month.  It was better after my workout and shower.  I had big plans to finish up the Kaleidoscope cardigan and I did get the first button band finished.  Instead of picking up the stitches for the second one I thought I'd start weaving in the ends, but then the phone rang and Tink wanted attention .... typical evening lately.  I would have given her another little walk around nine but she didn't seem all that keen and it's started getting dark earlier and earlier.  I noticed it was dark at 8:30 last night.

It's going to be a busy weekend.  I have mountains of chores and errands tomorrow, including getting Tink to the groomer in the morning.  Then I must practice my fantasy football draft and get my strategy in place for the draft on Sunday afternoon.  All I want to do this year is NOT place last.  Oh, there should be a pre-season game on Saturday too.  I should be able to get some knitting done if it's not too hot to knit.  No complaints.  I know it'll be cold again soon.

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