29 August, 2011

More ways to love an iPhone

When I go for my early walks with Tink on the weekends I have started stopping at Starbucks for a little coffee to take with me.  I don't like to take money on our walks because I don't take a purse and my pockets are used for my iPhone and my keys.  I have a Starbucks card that I was given as a gift and when you register it online and download the Starbucks app it appears there.  You can pay for your coffee and you can reload it with money from Paypal all from the phone.  It's too easy.  I guess they took a page from Amazon's site - it is also too easy to purchase anything from Amazon.  I just love it!  Also I had a birthday discount from DSW which I used from my phone as well.  How long before we don't have to have credit cards and it can all be on our phone?

It was a busy busy weekend and the weather was fabulous.  Friday evening I had a great time with my friend Jane drinking wine and talking and talking and talking.  Saturday was full of chores and running around.  Tink got a lovely haircut and while she was at the groomer I did my shopping and then finished the Kaleidoscope cardigan.  I didn't get it blocked - hopefully I can do that this week but if not, for sure on the long weekend.  I had to practice a draft for my fantasy league and then picked her up and had a nice lazy evening watching the Seahawks lose again.  I don't have big hopes for this season considering all the new, young players we have.  I also started another project - the Eloise cardigan that I bought the yarn for about 6 months ago.  I did the pocket linings and called that the swatch.  I was spot on for gauge and so yesterday while I was waiting for the draft to start and I was doing laundry I cast on for the sleeves and started them.

We did the draft using my iPad and video Skype.  It was amazingly easy.  I got the 7th round pick.  I know I've got a better team than last year.  I don't think I'm going to win, but at least I won't be last this time - I hope!

Somehow yesterday, maybe when I was moving the vacuum in and out of the closet, I tweaked my back.  I am in agony.  This is the worst possible time for this to happen.  I've got a super busy week here at work.  And this morning I have to run downstairs for a follow up exam for my eye, which is fine, but ....   I hope I can manage this muscle spasm on my own because frankly I don't have a lot of extra time to be running to the doctor.  Talk about timing, huh?  And obviously I can't run today.  Well, I'm not going to fret about it.  It is what it is.

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