30 August, 2011

Muscle spasm day 2

Oh what horrible timing!  I knew my back was feeling weird on Sunday but I thought it was just from sitting on the couch but yesterday was a bad back spasm day and today is just as bad, if not worse.  Unfortunately I can't take time off work to go to the doctor.  I can still walk around - not comfortably but ..... well, no use complaining.  It is what it is.

This of course means no running.  It is plenty of time still to be ready for the race on the 11th of I can get back into it by the end of this week.  And the weather is perfect for running too!  Not too hot, not too cold.  The tough part is being patient.  I am so busy at work that it's not too hard to skip the lunch run, at least for the next few days.

Got a little work done on the ribbing last night.  I did notice in the pattern that it is written to knit the button bands separately and then sew them on!  I know it's got to be for stability in the construction of the garment but it is just such a boring thing to do and I am going to try my best to find a way to knit the button bands along with the body.  The problem to solve is how to make that break between the band and the body be rigid and this is what I'll need to test out before I try it.  I don't want it to get stretched out ...... well, I can't think about it now.  I've got WAY too much work to get to.

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