03 September, 2013

Late post today

It is the first day of class for the medical school.  What a morning!  I can now take a breath.  Hopefully the afternoon will be quieter.

I started my long weekend at noon on Friday, but had to come back in from the bus stop to answer some emails.  I did make it home at a decent time to start relaxing.  The weather was awesome all weekend.  A little too warm at times, but that's mostly just inside.  I had both fans AND the air conditioner going yesterday.

Saturday was errands in the morning and then a lovely walk from the old MOHI parking lot to Foster Island along the marsh path.  It was just gorgeous!  Tink had a fabulous time too.  The Husky game didn't start until 7 that evening so there was plenty of time for strolling and relaxing.  Sunday was a bit busier, meeting up with friends in the late afternoon for happy hour and then dropping by another place for a visit, then home for dinner and a movie.  On Monday I had planned to run around Green Lake because next Sunday is the WOW 5K.  My tummy was a bit upset but I got going anyway and ended up having a fantastic run!  I was afraid that running on the treadmill would not translate well to actual running on pavement but it does and I am now excited about this race.  Oh but was it ever hot and muggy, even though I was on the trail by 9.  This race next week doesn't start until 9:30 - that's pretty late.  The clouds did come in yesterday afternoon and it's been raining off and on.  It's still rather warm but maybe it'll cool down a bit more.  70 would be perfect.

I only got a teensie bit of knitting done.  I did not get the cowl finished, as I had hoped.  I am close.  The Husky game was SO exciting that I had to put the knitting down!  They beat #19, Broncos, by a goodly margin.  They did not allow a TD, only two field goals.  It was great!  I read this morning they are ranked now.  As well they should be.

Tonight is my fantasy draft and I practiced yesterday afternoon between loads of laundry and cooking.  I am not so happy that it's going to be at 8 o'clock tonight since I had a very rough night last night.  It's always tough the day before class starts.  Every time I wake up I start thinking about work.  We do only have 10 people so hopefully we'll all keep our connectivity and it should go quickly.  If someone loses their connection then it takes the entire 3 minutes each turn for that person.  Otherwise it's just as fast as one can pick their player.  Here's hoping I get a decent spot.

Short week - hoorah. 

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