02 March, 2015


One of my goals for the weekend was to finish up the Incentive wrap.  I did finally get it done on Sunday.  Those last few inches took a longer time than I had anticipated.  I do have just enough yarn for tassels too, which is awesome.  I was going to block it but then realized I couldn't do it because the cleaners come today and I can't have it laying around on the floor.  It'll be on my list for this coming weekend.  I wanted to wind the pretty yarn I got in my classic YarnBox but thought I'd rather wait and see what the Luxe box has in store.  I might want to work with that yarn first.  Big reveal today on Ravelry but I won't be getting mine for at least a week.

So the weekend was nice.  On Saturday after an early appointment at the Volvo dealer we went back to get Tinkerbell and then for a walk at the Tolt McDonald park and campground in Carnation.  She really like it and I did too.  What a pretty park!  The only bad part was the bridge over from the parking lot to the campground.  It was a high bridge, suspended and it moved when you walked on it!  Very scary.  Not comfortable at all for someone with height issues.  Me.  And Tink was having a hard time as well because there is only a narrow strip where the wood is solid.  Otherwise it has slats and her little feet went through.  She got it right away.

Monika and Andre came over for an evening of Rummikub.  I believe we've created a monster.  They just love the game.  And I must say it's more fun with four than two.

I have to give an exam today, which I was not planning on.  It got sprung on me this weekend.  I wish I had been asked my preference for the timing.  Now I've got to sit with a woman from 11 am.  She has an hour and she'll probably use every minute of it.  That's going to put me right in the middle of the busy time at my first day at the gym.  I've still got to get a locker.  Oh well.  I managed to get two sets of workout clothes this weekend and all of the little things together - shower shoes and toiletries.  This is going to be very different for me.  I seriously can't remember how long it's been except I do remember rehabbing that ankle.  How much longer after that I went I cannot remember.  Ah well.  It'll come back to me for sure.

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