30 March, 2015

Monday and I feel fine!

Oh how wonderful it was to wake up this morning and not feel sick!  I realized I'd been sick for sometime when I started heading out with Tink for her morning walk and I hadn't put my contacts in!  Out of the habit.  She got her walk, I put them in while my coffee was making and headed out and still I was early at the Transit Center.  The traffic was very light.

I made it through Friday all right but I was exhausted when I got home.  I did get to sleep in until 9 o'clock on Saturday, which was great.  I had a manicure appointment for 11 and I made it in plenty of time.  Then a trip to Trader Joe's for a few staples (wine) and that was it for chores.  We had plans Saturday evening for dinner and games out and it was such a fun night!  We didn't take Tink, since she's been rather needy lately.  It's hard when you're at someone's house, because I have to take her out on the leash when she needs to go and invariably it's at an inconvenient time.  So, she stayed home and we stayed out WAY late playing table shuffle board and spades.

Again on Sunday I got to sleep in, which I am sure helped with my complete recovery from this latest cold.  The mall doesn't open until 11 and we got there right spot on.  There are always so many last minute things to buy when you're going away for a long trip.  And especially since I'm going to carry on, which means all my liquids have to be in 100ml or smaller containers AND all fit in one quart sized zip lock.  It won't be easy, but I think I'm almost there.  And it's only the flight to Paris and then a few days later the flight to Venice that I've got to worry about.  After that it's trains all the way and it doesn't matter.  If I have to check my bag on the way home, that'll be okay.

So this week - today I hope - I've got to book the shuttle to Beauvais Airport and get the advance museum tickets for the three of us for Florence.  Then I've got to figure out how to get from the airport in Venice to the train station and into Venice proper.  And from there to our apartment.  Details and more details.

I am just one field away from the half way point on my latest shawl.  I think I'll bring it in for noon knitting until I get it done.  It's quite a quick knit, but there's lots of counting.  

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