18 March, 2015

Still waiting

I was so disappointed yesterday when my yarn was not in the mailbox.  I really want to start that new project.  So I didn't do any knitting last night but instead caught up on some TV programs I had recorded.  The two programs I watch on Showtime are finished up now, so I'm going to change to HBO.  I like HBO much better, but it doesn't have Inside the NFL, so I switch to Showtime when that's on.

My stomach is SO upset today.  I sure hope I'm not getting sick.  I have lots to do this week and that's not been the case these past few weeks.  So I'll just ignore it, shall I?

Friday is the first day of spring.  I have had to use a flashlight in the mornings when walking Tink but I think by the end of this week that I won't have to do that any more.  Nice.  I still have to wake up in the pitch black though and I hate that.  I can't wake up properly.  I'm still groggy now.  And grumpy.  Might as well work.

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