12 March, 2015

And the total is .....

133 messages in my spam folder this morning.  My spam folder doesn't show up on my iPhone or iPad.  Imagine how many there are going to be when I'm gone for 3 weeks.  I suppose Yahoo empties it now and again automatically.  We'll see.

I finished up my stash posting yesterday evening.  And the two shawls I had pinned out on Monday were finally dry, so I wore the Brown Eyed Susan today.  It blocked out so well.  Lovely drape.  I didn't feel like cooking last night either.  Thank goodness for Trader Joe's.  We made a meal of hors oeuvres.  Tonight I'll be better and cook up some Italian chicken sausages and peppers.  Yum

Tink has finally come to terms with the time change and we all slept well last night.  I was so tired.  I worked my legs hard at the gym yesterday but I'm not very sore today at all, thankfully.  Today I'll do the bike and upper body.  And then tomorrow -- run!  Yay!

Despite having a wonderful 3 week vacation to look forward to in 36 days, I am charged with finding a hotel for next weekend, just for a little get away time.  That's going to be fun, although I'm going to have to move my hair appointment to this weekend (I hope!).  Someplace not too far away that accepts pets.  It shouldn't be too hard to find.

You know the problem with having snacks for dinner?  I wake up starving!! 

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