17 March, 2015

The perils of procrastination

There are two ways to enter and leave the house.  The garage and the front door.  The vehicles have door openers and there is also a keypad outside of the garage door.  However, that hasn't worked for a couple of weeks and we just haven't taken the time to fix it.  It's not really an issue for me because I typically go in and out of the front door, using my key to lock it and the garage door opener when I get home.  And we had also spoken of leaving a key outside so when we're gone for three weeks there is a key for whoever comes to check on the house.  But we didn't do that this last weekend either.  Do you see where this is going?  I got home last night just a bit early, there not being so much traffic since it's spring break.  The house cleaners were just finishing up so I dropped my stuff in my office, got the dog and her leash, my phone and headphones and out we went for a walk.  Imagine my surprise then when I walked past the house less than five minutes later and they were gone.  My heart sank.  Did they lock the door?  Oh of course they did!  Thankfully it wasn't raining.  I walked Tinkerbell for as long as she wanted to walk, then we sat in the front and waited for Ben to get home.   I'll tell you what, there is a key hidden out there now.  But that really put a damper on my evening.  I was SO mad at myself.

I finished my last project, a Wingspan out of the last Yarnbox classic yarns.  I am awaiting a package from DBNY of some lovely Noro Ayadori in a beautiful pastel colorway.  I'm going to make the SwingKnits Autumn Fusion Shawl.  I think it's going to be awesome.  I'll also use up some Artyarns Sequin Light to give one of the panels a little bit of sparkle.  I sure hope I get that yarn tonight.  I am really anxious to start it.  And every week I do a couple of rows on the Jo's Pride.  I just keep it at work.

Work is busy this week and I am looking forward to leaving a bit early on Friday and heading out to Port Townsend.  I hear there is a Victorian Festival this coming weekend.  Kind of sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn't it?  Were the Victorians festive?

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