06 March, 2015

Changing it up

What a wonderful surprise to find my Luxe Yarnbox in the mail when I got home.  And is it ever gorgeous!!  I am very glad I changed my preferences to purple on the Luxe box.  I would actually call this almost pink, but if I had pink as my preference I would have ended up with a magenta and reds and pinks in the cashmere blend yarn.  I am most pleased.  So I will keep the Luxe subscription for a little longer.

We had been planning to visit a little brewery on Friday, but switched it up to last night.  It was fun.  Tink came along and she was a very very good dog.  Of course, she was the only dog and that makes a big difference to her.  The beer was good.  The ambiance could be a bit better but being able to bring the dog in counts for a lot.

I had seen on the television at the IMA yesterday that the Safeway stores were changing into Haggen and I was well pleased, since there is a Safeway one mile from my place and I have to go over 5 miles to a Haggen.  But when I asked the girl at the deli counter, where we stopped on the way home, if they were going to be changing to Haggen tomorrow, she said no!  Oh poo!  She said that Safeway is changing into an Albertson's.  I never shop at Albertson's.  I didn't have my headphones plugged into the TV at the gym, so I was just reading on the screen as the news went by.  Obviously not every Safeway is turning into Haggen.  Too bad.

What is up for this weekend?  Not too much.  Hopefully some sleeping in.  And don't forget to turn your clocks forward!  More sunshine.

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