10 March, 2015

Euro vs US Dollar

I cannot remember how long it's been since the dollar has been so strong against the Euro.  Today $1 = .93 Euro.  I sure hope it stays like this.  That would be a nice little bonus for our trip.

Since my Husky card wasn't scanning at the IMA I had to get a new one, so I took off a little earlier than usual to walk up to the Husky Card office on upper campus.  Since I hadn't taken the time to change my card after the divorce, I got a free card because name changes are free.  And then I strolled in the sunshine down to the gym and had the new card activated, so I was there a little earlier than usual.  It doesn't really matter, because the upstairs isn't all that busy anyway.  I did the bike again and then some upper body machines, putting a little more weight on them.  I am just a little sore this morning, but I can still move around.  Perfect.  Today is noon knitting, so a day off.  Then tomorrow I'll do the Precor and lower body machines.

The clouds have moved in and we're supposed to get some rain tonight.  I am hating the darkness in the morning.  I had just gotten used to walking Tink with some light and this morning I forgot the flashlight.  Which is kind of unsafe since there are only a couple of streetlights for the entire neighborhood so you're pretty much invisible without a light.  There are a few people who take off for work around that time and I like to stay visible for them.  Tink actually walked today rather spend the entire time with her nose to the ground.  I wonder what had been in the yard yesterday morning.  She didn't even want to go to the road.  She wanted to stay in the garden, sniffing.

Ouch!  I just tried to stretch.  My chest is more sore than I thought! 

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