16 March, 2015

Tinkerbell's busy weekend

Poor Tink.  There are two things she really doesn't like and she had to do both of them this weekend.  First thing Saturday morning she was up at the Doggie Care Resort for a grooming.  While she was getting groomed, I did too.  Thankfully I was able to move my hair appointment to Saturday, having found a hotel in Port Townsend for this coming weekend.  I had to run a quick errant at Macy's, then lunch and back to pick her up. 

I stayed up WAY too late Saturday night.  It was poker night.  I came out ahead, but not by much.  Then I wasn't sleepy after everyone left, so we watched a movie.  But Sunday morning .... I was a bit sleepy then, but Tink had her annual medical exam and Bordatella shot.  She was shaking like a leaf as soon as we got into the vet's waiting room.  She HATES it.  The shots hurt I suppose.  It was pouring rain, but we had a reservation at Serafina's for brunch.  What a lovely treat!  I only wish I had thought to bring an umbrella.  We arrived too early for our reservation and had to sit in the car, since the rain was coming down in buckets.

The rest of Sunday was knitting and snoozing and watching a spring training baseball game.  Thankfully I've got a busy week ahead, so I'd better get on with it!

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