09 March, 2015

More sun

What a crazy gorgeous weekend we had!  All sorts of plans on getting cracking on some early yard work and finally finishing sorting the office/game room went by the wayside, replaced by other outdoor activities involving driving around with the top down and strolling neighborhoods looking for places to sit in the sun and have a drink.  Well, it wasn't all fun and games, but a lot of it was.

Saturday morning I got the manicure and pedicure out of the way early, after a trip to Costco where I stood in line for 30 minutes(!) to order new contact lenses.  At this time there is no other way to order them than in person.  Not on the phone and certainly not on line.  But the woman at the counter said that it coming soon.  On the plus side, when they do arrive I don't have to take a number and wait, I can just pick them up.  I had hoped to get the Costco run done, get the grocery store out of the way, and then head to the salon for an 11:30 appointment, but after taking so long at Costco I had to head straight to the salon.  After I was done we headed to the 192nd St. Brewery, which has a most charming outside area with mismatched chairs and tables, right on the trail.  Well, about a bazillion other people had the same idea and the line was well outside the door with people standing in line for beer and to order food.  The proprietors are still a bit taken aback by how popular their place is.  But it's the location!  It's right off the Burke Gilman trail, there's plenty of seating outdoors, the food is good and the beer is awesome and not only can you bring your dog but your children as well.  It was fairly swarming with kids.

Sunday was a bit more leisurely in the morning but out we went in mid-morning to stroll around Redmond and stop at Trader Joe's to stock up on wine, among other things.  But I did have things that really needed to get done, so back home for some work.  I got the laundry going and finally blocked two shawls.  The most recent one, Incentive, and one I had done months ago, the Brown Eyed Susan. Both of these are done using Yarnbox yarns.

This is an detail of Incentive.  I did some mods, making it symmetrical so I could use all of the yarn.
 And here a detail of the BrownEyed Susan.  Done in blues and greens, obviously.  Usually I don't like the mottled yarns but I thought since it was Seahawks colors I could use it.  It's whimsical.  The lace edging it really quite cute.

Hopefully they will be dry tonight.

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