23 March, 2015

Fun in the wind and rain

What a fun weekend we had in Port Townsend.  I got out of here a little earlier than expected and we made the 1:40 ferry.  The hotel I had booked was not that great, but there were few choices that were dog friendly and I thought this one looked the best out of the bunch - except for the $300 a night place.  I wanted to be right on the water, which we were.  And as luck would have it, right across the street from the BEST Mexican restaurant, and right next door to a pub that had live music Saturday night. 

The wind was really whipping up on Friday night, and while walking Tink I nearly got blown over!  I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food, but since the restaurant was right across the street, that's where we ended up rather than fighting the wind into town.  It turns out it is owned and run by a cousin of another really good restaurant we have been to a few times in Union.  I ordered a carnitos taco and a chile rellano and I swear, it was the very best chile rellano I have eaten.  We learned to make them on the trip to Mexico last year and this one was that authentic.  Just fabulous!  Unfortunately I couldn't finish it because I got too full (don't you hate that?), but what I did eat of it was wonderful.

Saturday morning we decided to go up to the fort, not remembering that it is a national park and you need your park pass (which we have, but not in the fancy car), so we only got to drive around through it, not walk on the beach.  But we did run into a massive garage sale at a fair ground on the way up there.  Tons and tons and tons of junk.  But it was fun wandering through, and the weather held up.  In fact, when we got back into town and walked it was quite nice, and the sun was coming out.  There were quite a few people in fancy dress, being that it was the Victorian Festival.  Odd dress, not many in actual Victorian dress.  But still, it was fun. 

We got out fairly early on Sunday and had decided to stop in Port Gamble for breakfast, since we had stopped there last year and found the most wonderful cafe with excellent food.  We were half way through our meal when I realized I had left my earrings and a sapphire ring in the hotel room!!!  I have never EVER left my jewelery behind.  I couldn't believe it.  I of course called them right away and they had them, so we had to turn back around and drive all the way back to fetch them.  It was still early enough that we only had to wait for one ferry and after stopping for groceries and asthma medicine, we were still home before 3. 

And now we just have to wait ....25 days, 8 hours and 4 minutes until the real trip. 

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