31 March, 2015

Pet peeve 1 million and counting

Yesterday was the start of upper campus spring quarter and that means that the IMA is full of people.  It's like after winter break when everyone swarms the gym with New Year's resolutions, and it doesn't last long.  But in the meantime it's annoying.  That's not the pet peeve though.  I am bothered by those people who show up, get onto a bike or weight machine and half ass it.  By that I mean, for example, the girl on the stationary bike next to me who, for the entire 30 minutes I was on my bike, peddled away with her legs not even extending fully, and who didn't even break a sweat!  I swear, she was on that bike before I started and I didn't see a bead of sweat on her brow.  Meanwhile I am pouring sweat 10 minutes into my 30.  I wanted to grab her by the shoulders, give her a shake and say, "You're not doing it right!!  Adjust that seat, extend your legs fully and put some work into it."  Hah.  Wouldn't it be nice though to be able to do that?  I must just content myself with bitching into the wind, it seems.

The weather was extraordinary yesterday, sunny and warm.  After Tink's walk I had a quick shower and made myself a drink and sat down on the porch to soak in the last of the rays.  Today it's pouring rain, as predicted, so I'm glad I got that time in the sun.  And while I was sitting there I noticed bees (wasps?) going into the window frame around the bathroom window.  Great. 

I did get the reservations for the airport shuttle made yesterday, and the pass to Academie and Uffizi museums.  Good thing that I did that yesterday, because the advance passes are limited and sold out right up to the day I chose, which is April 28. Emma's birthday is the 27th and I suspect we'll be celebrating so we're going to see David at 11:30 and then the Uffizi at 3.  The last time I was there David was in scaffolding for cleaning and parts of the Uffizi were closed due to water damage.  That was 20 years ago!  Or was it 21?  I just remember that Kurt Cobain died while I was in Europe. 

Noon knitting today and I brought my Spring Fusion in to work on.  I didn't get that last increase field done last night and I think I'd like to take this with me on the trip.  It's going to block out amazingly.  But I've got to finish it first!

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