05 March, 2015

The demise of the scratch baked scone

I don't often get baked goods in the morning, preferring my fruit and oatmeal or lately, a Special K flat bread egg sandwich.  However, I wanted a raisin scone today so I stopped in at the Rotunda on my way upstairs only to find that the usual homemade scones have been replaced by bakery scones.  Those are not scones.  They're too sweet.  And iced!  I liked the other ones.  Some days they would have savory ones with bacon, other times they would put seasonal berries in them.  Ah well - you can't turn back time.  Pity, that. 

Is it because I'll be going soon or something else?  I don't know, but this time of year does always seem to bring back strong memories of my time in Paris.  I suppose because it was such an intense time.  Those memories are really and truly burnt in. 

My workout was wonderful yesterday.  I am rather disappointed in myself that I let it go this long rather than just accepting the fact that the road to running again would be a long one.  I feel just SO much better for having some good, hard exercise.  Yesterday I did the recumbent bike and then some leg machines.  Today I think it will be the Precor and more upper body work.  I think I can expand my machines to a few more exercises.  I am not getting as sore as I expected to get.  That's good news.  So I can go a little harder.

I was tired when I got home.  But good tired.  Tink got walked, I got cleaned up and got the soup on the stove.  While it was cooking I ripped back the two triangles I had done on the Wingspan and started it again.  I watched a little bit of TV and re-started it, going just a little beyond where I had gotten the first time.  It's much better without the glaring mistake.  I wonder when the Luxe Yarnbox is supposed to arrive.  I wonder if I can get those other projects blocked this weekend.  We're losing an hour after all. 

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