04 March, 2015

44 days and counting

This morning is really hit me.  Maybe it was the sunshine.  Anyway .... 44 days until vacation!  44 days until I get on a plane for Paris and then on to Italy.  It is finally feeling real and I'm getting excited.  Now comes the hard part - well, besides waiting.  I've got to read up on where we'll be and familiarize myself with the options of things to see.  I know a couple places I want to go, but I'll have to pick and choose.  And I would like to find a day trip around Venice.  So much to do.  So much fun to have.  Adventures.

I didn't get as sore as I thought I would, although as I said I took it pretty easy on myself.  My chest is sore but tolerable.  Today I'll work out the legs after 30 minutes of cardio.  I think I'll do the bike today.  It's beautiful outside and there are some bikes facing the windows.  But first a meeting.  And some work.  

I decided to make a Wingspan with my latest Yarnbox yarn rather than wait for the Luxe box.  I wound the yarn before dinner last night and got started.  But I was watching some of my silly recorded stuff and got distracted and made a mistake.  I thought I could fix it but it looks stupid and ugly, so I'm going to take it out tonight and start over again.  It's a quick knit and perfect TV knitting IF one can resist getting distracted.  It's easy but you do have to pay attention to which row you're knitting.  I am loving the yarn - Knitted Wit Polwarth Shimmer and Sincere Sheep Luminous, which is a wool and silk blend in DK weight.  Lovely and soft.

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