10 December, 2015

All fixed!

Oh hooray!  Monika fixed the mistake in my blanket and I am back on track!  It is so nice to have another pair of knitting eyes to look at things.  She sees it differently than I do.  I saw this blob of a mess and she looks for a minute and then says -- "Well, it's really on four stitches that need to be fixed".  Sure enough, when I thought of it that way it made way more sense and wasn't nearly as daunting.  The stitches are a bit loose but they're even out with time and a little gentle blocking.  So I worked on it for about two hours last night.  I can do more after my meeting tonight and even more tomorrow.  I've got a dentist appointment at 2:30 though so I might not feel like doing much of anything after that ordeal.

Today is our annual office holiday party.  My last one.  I can barely wrap my head around that, but I'm going to try.  (Can you see the grin on my face?)

I got a nasty shock this morning.  I got to the parking lot, got parked and then, as usual, put my headphones into my iPhone and, since my book is done, I put on TunedIn Radio to listen to Brock and Saulk.  Uhh ... but my headphones weren't working!  The sound was still coming out of the iPhone speakers rather than through the headphones.  Usually if you plug in the headphones, even if they aren't working, the sound does not come through the phone speakers.  I'm going to have to do a little sleuthing this morning.  I was using them last night in bed with my iPad so .... perhaps a problem with the phone?  My NEW iPhone 6S?  I sure hope not.

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