21 December, 2015

Christmas knitting

I just can't help myself.  I have to knit hats and scarves and little things at Christmas time even if I don't have anyone to give them to.  The gorgeous cashmere ribbed scarf is done and it looks really nice.  And he'll use it.  I finished it up yesterday and it was still Seahawks game time so I started, and finished, a cute little hat.  I'm going to make a tassel for it tonight.  Then what?

The Seahawks were awesome and are in the playoffs.  They still have two really rough games coming up to finish off the regular season, but the playoff spot is guaranteed.  We had doubts coming into the season.  It was dicey.  I am so glad they're in though.  It stretches out the season.  I am not looking forward to February.  April?  Oh yes.

The weather is just terrible and we'll be getting some snow later this week, right in time for Christmas.  That I won't mind.  It's the first three days of this week that are going to be tough.  I have to leave at 2 today for an appointment in Everett.  Tomorrow we've got a luncheon for Sandra's retirement and then I've got to scoot home because I've got a 5 pm meeting.  Wednesday there is nothing going on except noon knitting.  Maybe it'll snow.

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