02 December, 2015

Yay! Noon knitting

The blanket is now way too large to drag in to work on Noon Knitting days.  I have a pair of socks I started .... what? A year ago?  They've been sitting in my office.  I got to the heel turn, finished that and now they have been waiting for the gussets.  Today I'll have to figure that out and get it going.  I do my socks toe up on two circular needles and I have to look up how to turn the heels and how to do the gussets every time I make a pair.  It's been quite a while though.

Again last night I ignored the blanket even though it was sitting right there on the table, watching me.  Tonight I will pick it up for sure and get going on another few rows of the last magenta stripe.  Since we're going to Seattle Saturday to shop and spend the night I won't be doing much on the weekend.  On Sunday, sure, while football is on.  But Saturday nothing.  I want to make a couple of gifts but I am not going to touch another project (except for my socks here at work) until that darned blanket is finished.

I had a meeting yesterday regarding teaching commitments.  Next September is going to be absolute chaos.  I really want to stop working in September but it's not going to be easy.  Maybe I can work something out so that I don't have to come in every day.  The commute is just terrible.  If I could work from home I might be able to stand it for a couple more months.

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