08 December, 2015

True to my word

There are always so many little chores to take care of when I get home -- walking Tink and playing fetch with her, tidying up the kitchen, laundry .... etc. etc.  But as soon as I was able, I sat down with my blanket and started knitting.  Every night this week - every night!  I really want to get it finished up this weekend.  If I can do a couple of hours every night and then a big push Saturday and Sunday I should be able to finish.  It's not going to be very exciting, until I get to the part where I'm binding off.

We are two weeks away from the solstice and it is SO dark, especially on a cloudy day.  Yesterday was again a rainy day and it was like evening.  I had to walk up to the grocery store for a couple of items for dinner and I got pretty wet even though I had an umbrella.  I played Christmas songs on my phone, even though I knew it would probably make me sad.  It did a little bit.  Bittersweet.  I think we need that now and again, don't you?  I tend to get into a safe mode, not putting my feelings out there very far.  But I'm going to be making some very big changes coming up here in about nine months and I'm going to push my boundaries a little bit.  Just to like limber up, you know? 

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