17 December, 2015

Thursday that feels like Friday

Don't you just HATE that?  I think it's because the woman who is off on Fridays is not here this morning.  Of course she's not.  She is getting ready to retire and she hardly ever comes in.  But she was here yesterday and so ....  But no, it's only Thursday.  My short day because of my late meeting.  That late meeting is going to be changing to Friday mornings in January, which means I'll have two days a week when I have to catch that darned early bus in to work.  And the late meeting will be moved to either Monday or Tuesday.  I've got to nail that down today.

Oh and it is dark and cold.  Next Monday is the solstice, first day of winter.  Then in a few weeks we'll start getting a bit more light.  I'm going to get to work on our spring trip too, in January.  The itinerary is done and the plane fare paid for.  I just need to get someplace to stay in Rome and Monterrosso and Paris.  I think we'll go to the same place in Monterrosso.  Then I'm not sure about Rome and Paris.  Fun, huh?

Life without the blanket is pretty simple.  I've got that pair of socks back on track and I do that at noon knitting.  And at home I'm half way through Ben's simple ribbed scarf.  I've got to decide on my next project.  Shall I do that lace fronted cardigan?  I think I will.

It's awfully quiet around here.  I could just go to sleep.

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