14 December, 2015

I finished the blanket!!

Oh joy, it is done!  I finally finished it up yesterday while I was watching the Seahawks.  All of the ends are woven in.  I do need to take pictures.  It was too dark and I wasn't in the mood last night.  I will for sure tonight.  It is quite lovely and very warm and now what am I going to knit?  I have a scarf in mind for Ben.  Something quick and easy.

On Friday I went to the dentist to have a filling replaced.  I didn't realize until later when my tongue got its feeling back that the dentist, a substitute since my regular one was sick, had removed the filling from TWO teeth and only filled in one of them!  I am SUPER pissed off about this. 

Work is crazy this morning but hopefully I can work from home tomorrow so I'll be able to get into the dentist on a moment's notice and get this thing fixed up.

What else?  I still have all my Christmas shopping to do.  Nice, huh?  Actually I've got one thing in the mail and otherwise I have got to get on the ball.  But the house is decorated.  That's what counts, yes?

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