29 December, 2015

Why oh why?

I am sure I've ranted about this before - but it deserves another go in my opinion.  It concerns knitting patterns and stitch markers.  Can you guess?  Why don't the people writing the patterns make a point of telling you that the markers will move?  How hard is that?  The project I started on Sunday is Desert Dunes.  It is a stole on a bias, it turns out.  There are written instructions and charted instructions.  Nowhere in the directions or pattern notes does it say anything about that fact and that ones markers will move.  And, in fact, the written instructions do not take into consideration that one would put markers around the repeats as charted.  It just really really irks me.  Can you tell?

Yesterday was pretty boring.  I did get out at lunchtime for a walk up to Petco.  It's cold out but dry.  I've got a meeting today at 10 o'clock and that's probably going to be it.  But I do have to come in on Wednesday.  Noon knitting to look forward to and that's about it. 

The traffic was so super light this morning that I got to the transit center one minute before the early bus leaves.  Of course, I couldn't make it so I sat in the truck in the warmth and played word games and listened to my book.  Oh heavens, how am I going to make it through these next 8 months?

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