01 December, 2015

Just like last year

Oh I do so hope we have a winter this year!  I know that sounds crazy coming from me, but last winter was just so weird.  Well it looks like it's happening again.  It was freezing cold for most of November and then here's December and it's warming up, and clouding up and rain is predicted for the rest of the week.  At least if you get a little snow it changes the scenery.  Now it's just bare trees and grey skies.  Oh and if it snows then I can't come to work, so it's got that going for it as well. 

I had a quick visit to the dentist yesterday morning for my six month cleaning and so I was in the office for only an hour or so before I headed out to the bus.  On the way back from the dentist I spoke to my nephew and we decided to meet for lunch.  So I got back to the office at 11:45, stayed for 30 minutes and headed out for lunch.  Now that's the kind of morning I like to have.  It made the day zip by.

After all of that good work I did on the blanket on the weekend, I didn't pick it up at all last night, but gave myself a break and after I got my hair dried I just watched a couple of stupid things on TV and went to bed at a decent time to read.  I slept like a rock!  And I needed it because I was very very tired yesterday.  I'm starting out the day pretty sleepy too, but I've got lots of work to do so hopefully I'll perk up.  I've got a 10 o'clock meeting that I've got to be on my game for.

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