11 December, 2015

My last holiday party

Yesterday was the departmental holiday party, and my last one.  I only wish it had been a better one.  There are so many people out of town right now and I wasn't really feeling hungry.  None of the food tasted good to me.  Maybe because this cold and cough is still hanging around.  It's going to make it challenging for my dental appointment this afternoon, not being able to cough.  Ah well, it's Friday.

After the meeting last night it was a simple dinner and football and knitting.  I am plowing my way through the last few inches of the blanket.  That thing is SO heavy!  Gorgeous though, if I do say so myself.

What's on this weekend?  Chores, mostly.  The yard and roof are full of fallen branches, some quite large.  The house is full of pine needles from the Christmas tree and from outside.  No matter how well you wipe your feet, they just stick.  And Tink brings them in as well.  And at some point I'm going to have to find time to Christmas shop.  Maybe next week lunchtimes.

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