09 December, 2015

Talk about luck .....

As I have said, I am quite keen to finish up my beautiful blanket so I can get on to a new project.  I was working away last night and found a mistake.  A BAD mistake that I can't ignore.  It looks like a few rows back I was knitting away on the wrong side but I did a right side row.  Just for one repeat.  I do that every now and again but I normally catch it and tink it back.  I guess I missed that one and it is glaring and there are two extra stitches in the repeat because of the yarn overs I did when I made the mistake.  Oh I was so disgusted with myself.  I put it down rather than try to fix it and sent a text to Monika, who is just brilliant at fixing mistakes.  I have it with me today along with an assortment of tools.  Hopefully it won't be too tough to fix.

Here's a mystery -- I got an email from my ex-boss who is in Hawaii attending a meeting.  This meeting runs every other year and for a few years  ... gosh 8? I've been doing the program and either get to go to the meeting or get paid.  So he sent me an email from the meeting saying that everyone was asking where I was and telling him what a nice program we have again this year.  Hmmmm .... he hadn't said a thing to me about the meeting so I just figured it wasn't happening.  I sent him a message back saying how strange that was since I hadn't done the program this year.  And then he mailed backing saying it was strange indeed since my name was displayed prominently in the program, and he wondered who cashed my check.  Someone must have just used my template and cut out the middleman.  But letting me take credit?  I'd rather have the trip, or the money at least.

Tomorrow is our annual holiday party and it will be my last holiday party here.  You know what I did for fun yesterday?  l looked on line at my benefits estimator and my social security estimator.  It always makes me happy. 

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