28 December, 2015

This super quiet time

The week between Christmas and New Year is always so quiet here at work.  Usually I just take it off, but I have to save up vacation time for my two weeks in Europe plus I want to have a few days to spare in February or early March in case my sister wants to have some time so .... I am taking Thursday off and Friday is a holiday, but these three days are going to be brutally boring.

My Christmas holiday was pretty nice.  I ended up working from home Wednesday since I got stranded because of a vehicle issue.  I had a few things to take care of, so it wasn't a total waste.  On Thursday we spent the day tidying up and I cooked my very first prime rib for Christmas Eve dinner.  It ended up perfect!  I was nervous.

Christmas was low key.  No football.  We had a nice morning at home, then off to Bob and Josie's for a big family white elephant gift exchange and dinner.  We were home early, watched a movie and into bed early as well.  Then I woke up around midnight and I couldn't get back to sleep.  And then Tinkerbell got had a gurgling stomach and I was up with her three times.  The day after Christmas we had two football games - bowl games that both UW and WSU won.  And I cooked a small turkey.  That was nice to finally get my turkey dinner.

I was quite antsy with nothing to knit on so Sunday I wound the camel I had gotten from the Luxe box and knit on the stole pattern that came with it all day Sunday while I watched football.  And watched the Seahawks get their butts handed to them by the Rams AT HOME!  Oh it was a terrible and disappointing game.  Yes, they're still in the playoffs but it was still not a fun game to watch.

The weather is cold and it's going to be getting colder this coming week.  We got a bit of sleet yesterday but no snow.  Snow in the mountains.  No snow down here.  I am disappointed.

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