03 June, 2016

As I start giving things away

Well today is my last HFF Zoom meeting.  I'll be handing it off to my replacement after today.  I'll keep MSK for another couple of weeks and hand that off -- which will be super nice because then I'll be shed of the dreaded 5 o'clock meeting -- and I'll only have MBB left until they hire my replacement downstairs, which I am hoping will be by early July.  Some people are having a very hard time with my impending departure and that's not fun.

Ben was off to Portland yesterday so I got to park my new car in the garage!  We'll finish up the garage this weekend and then we'll both be able to park in there.  What a treat that will be next winter, although I won't be driving away so early in the morning.  Still it will be nice to have a dry, frost free car to drive to the gym or whatever. 

With Ben away I had a girlie evening.  I lighted a scented candle, got the kitchen cleaned up and all my food ready for today plus a salad for dinner, then watched Pitch Perfect 2, which I've been looking forward to watching.  After that I called my sister and we talked on the phone for 3 hours.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Once we get started ..... Anyway it was nice to nail down the December trip to Paris and her visit for my birthday in August.  I love planning trips to Paris, don't I?  And it'll be lovely to be there when the Christmas decorations are up.  And fewer tourists around. 

Okay then ... time for my meeting.

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