24 June, 2016

Sneaky audiobook

As I have mentioned before, I listen to audiobooks during my commute and when I walk the dog.  I go through different phases - literature, historical fiction, science fiction, mysteries, fantasy .... pretty much everything.  I take advice on choice of material from my sister, friends and the suggestions from the app itself.  I started listening to my current book on the advice of the app, but as I get into it I find that it's quite "romance-y".  I do not like that stuff.  Get on with the story!!  This might be one of the very few books I do not finish listening to.  I've got eight more hours of this to go and I am hoping for more action or I'm going to shut it down.

I started a new project last night -- I know I know -- but I had two skeins of Noro Silk Garden Sock that I was dying to knit with.  I started a Steven West shawl called Rising Dawn.  It's good TV knitting. 

It rained and rained again last night but thankfully no thunder or lightening.  Tink got SO wet when she went out for her pre-bed potty.  I ended up getting my umbrella to bring her in.  It's not cold outside so she was not too unhappy about being out there.

I don't have anything much on for the weekend.  It's supposed to get nice and sunny so maybe I'll work a bit in the garden.  Deadhead the new roses and trim around the tomato plants.  They are growing like crazy!!  They are growing out of the cages and there are tons and tons of blooms.  I hope I get some fruit this year.

I got to get rid of two of my meetings yesterday -- the Friday morning meeting (which I'm listening to right now, just in case) and my late Tuesday meeting!  While that does mean I can't leave early on Tuesday but at least I don't have to sit there and listen to that crap any more.  Woohoo ....

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