20 June, 2016

Happy first day of Summer!!

Thursday and Friday I worked from home.  I had a bad sore throat and there's a nasty summer cold going around.  I managed to keep the worst of it at bay, thank goodness. 

Saturday I had tickets for the Washington State Brewer's Association event at Marymoor Park.  It had been raining and pouring all Friday night and Saturday morning, but we just togged up for the weather and headed out.  It wasn't cold and the rain actually abated for a few hours and we had a fun time.  But oh my goodness, I am pretty much off beer for a while after that extravaganza.  Then when we got home Ben was feeling like a card party, so we rounded up the usual band and since everyone already had dinner plans, we just met for drinks and cards. 

Sunday was a lovely day and so after running a few errands we set off to find a new park and Ben re-discovered a wonderful place that I just love!  It's a park with a farmyard and animals, plus beautiful paths and fields.  We had a great time just wandering around and looking at the animals.  Tink loved it.

Speaking of Tink, we saw the vet again on Friday and she's getting better.  We have another few days of pills and ear medicine but she was friskier after the first dose of Prednisone.  Better living through chemistry.

I have lots and lots of work to do today.  Ten weeks and counting.

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