13 June, 2016

The garden grows

Friday we headed off to get plants at Flower World, which is more of a park than a nursery.  I love that place.  We found some gorgeous and rather unique rhododendron plants for the back, at the top of the ravine.  My hope is that in the fall and winter when the deciduous trees lose their leaves the rhodies will help mask the empty space.  We don't see much of the further houses, but enough that it bugs me.  After that we went to Home Depot to get a closet door and happened upon some rose bushes.  We bought one to put in the place of the rosemary bush that didn't take last winter.  Then Ben suggested we put three in the front in place of the ugly bushes under the bedroom window.  So we got three more and I am super stoked.  I love love love roses and I got one of my favorite ones.  Super fragrant and a lovely lavender color.  Then after lunch I was off to get my hair done and all that great stuff.  I am going to have to start paying closer attention to my schedule and stagger this stuff.  It's brutal when I have to do it all in one day.

It was a family oriented weekend and the weather, for the most part, was nice.  Thursday night we had a fun dinner at House of Hong.  The drive in wasn't much fun because of the traffic, but otherwise nice.  Friday, see above, and Saturday I drove into West Seattle and picked Kelli up from her AirBnB and we went shopping.  I got a great pair of shoes.  Saturday night we went for dinner at Purple and then we came home and drank martinis and stayed up talking until 3 am.  Urghgh  I was not happy Sunday morning. 

There was a surprise party for Sophia Sunday night and she was entirely surprised.  Her brother hired a Mariachi band which was awesome.  The food was great and the weather cooperated.  All in all a super success.

Dentist appointment this morning and the rest of the day work work work and meetings and more meetings.  Tick tock.  I am twelve weeks out.  Someone told me to "enjoy the wind down".  Hmmm .... perhaps a bit later.  Right now it's not so much fun.

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