27 June, 2016


Did you know that the Dragonfly is the state insect of Washington?  So it is and I saw two this weekend, up close.  I spent Saturday morning doing work in the garden - planting a couple more color spots, trimming the tree around the tomato plants, that type of thing.  All of the new plants - the five rhododendron bushes and four roses are doing very well, with new growth on all of them.  The tomatoes have grown out of their cages already and are covered in blossoms.  As I was puttering around in the front I saw something -- a butterfly? -- perching precariously on the middle tomato cage.  I slowly walked up and saw that it was a big dragonfly with a green body and transparent wings with black dots.  It flew away and then circled around and perched back on the cage again.  And then not ten minutes later I looked over and there was something red/orange in the same spot.  I looked closer and saw it was another dragonfly, but this one smaller with a bright red/orange body.  Fascinating.  It was nature weekend.  I saw a deer as well. 

The weather was lovely all weekend and because Ben had to work on Saturday I stayed at home and got all of the chores ... well, most of the chores... done.  When he got home we went out to one of the breweries we saw at the beer tasting festival last weekend.  The Sumerian.  Not great.

Sunday was more yard work and car washing.  My new car got its first bath.  Later in the day we took Tink to the river in Duval.  But before we left home she had been eating greens and she wasn't really that interested in the river, preferring to find more greens to eat.  This went on all afternoon and into the evening.  Thank goodness the worst was done before bedtime so she slept through the night and woke up her hold self again.  But she was really really not feeling well for a time there.  Didn't even want a cookie!!  Seriously.  That's scary.

So -- Today starts the real countdown.  Ten weeks and counting.  Ten.

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