29 June, 2016

It feels like I just left!

I swear -- when I walked into my office this morning it felt like I had never even gone home yesterday.  Insane.  How am I going to make it through these next 9 1/2 weeks??  How?  Minute by minute. 

Yesterday was my last late meeting day and I left around 1:30 so I could get my manicure and pedicure done before the meeting.  I had plenty of time left over to get home and walk Tinkie and get the kitchen cleaned up and have my shower and make some cheese and crackers and a nice, icy martini.  I got myself settled in the back garden, under the umbrella on a comfy lounge chair and dialed in to the meeting.  And the only people on the meeting were me and my replacement.  We stayed on, chatting about beer and things for ten minutes when we threw in the towel.  So that's it.  I am done with having a reason to leave early on Tuesdays.  But I don't think that's going to stop me from walking out whenever I get the urge.  Do you?

Knitting and martinis don't mix, so instead of picking up my project I got my lovely pink MacBook and watched Shrek 3.  Then re-heated some ribs from last week, steamed some potatoes and that was dinner.  My sister texted in there asking did I want to come to ComicCon with her in July.  Of course!  But in the cold light of day, I realize it would be a terrible time to leave work considering I've got my last deadline coming up August 1.  And so I called her to tell her so and she tells me it's a good thing too, because she can't get a hotel room. San Diego is booked up.  Booked. Up.  Ah well.  Maybe next year we can think about it a few months in advance?

Noon knitting today.  Diana's last day, but she's having a party at her office so she won't be there!  But I understand that she's going to be training another person so she'll come in once or twice to do so.  Hopefully on a Wednesday.

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