28 June, 2016

Slogging through the week

Oh I feel like I am swimming in a vat of molasses.  I am pretty darned sleepy this morning, so that's probably why.  I was hot last night.  Ben went to bed super early, but I've been knitting like a fiend on the Rising Dawn shawl.  As I suspected the Noro Silk Garden Sock is the perfect yarn for this project and it's rather easy - a perfect TV knit.  It was also very warm last night and so before I went to bed I opened lots of windows.  It didn't cool down until probably around 2 or so.  But there was a phone in the bedroom -- not my phone -- that was making noise all night long.  Grrrr .... somebody forgot to turn it on silent.  So my sleep was disjointed.  Hopefully I'll get a better sleep tonight.

Today is the last day I'll leave early for my "late meeting day".  That's kind of a drag because I enjoy having that little bit of extra time on a Tuesday afternoon.  Today, for example, I'm getting my manicure and pedicure since I didn't want to take the time on the weekend.  Well, pretty soon that won't be an issue now, will it?  I can do all of my chores on a week day and leave the weekends for fun.

Because of the fuss made at our last poker party, there doesn't seem to be anything in the works for the Fourth of July.  Typically Ben's sister and brother-in-law have a big picnic but since he went crazy a couple of weekends ago, we haven't heard a peep from them.  We're going to Anacortes for Saturday - just one night and coming back Sunday.  The traffic should be minimal and it's nice to get away, even for one night.  There are some really good restaurants up there plus they have at least two and may more places with live music.  And by live music I don't mean a guitar player in the corner playing bossa nova.  Hopefully it'll be a fun time.

Today -- one meeting and a little bit of training.  I'm getting the departmental web site off my back.  I will be sharing out the duties between Monika and Joyce and they'll have me around for a few weeks to help them if they get stuck.  Little by little, piece by piece.

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