22 June, 2016

Dish and NFL network

There still doesn't seem to be any good information about Dish and NFL Network.  Obviously we can't do without it, and the couple of other channels that are having a problem with their contracts, but I absolutely do NOT want to move back to Comcast.  There is one other satellite service, Direct TV, that we could move to if absolutely necessary.  The deal is that Dish just a couple of months ago raised our rates, so now if/when they do get things back so they're serving up NFL, are they going to try to raise them again?  We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

Yesterday was a busy morning with a long meeting, and then late meeting day so I left at around 2.  I think that will be it for the late meeting.  I am going to suggest that my replacement start taking over both my early Friday meeting and my late Tuesday meeting this week.  I'll talk to her about it today.  And then all I need is the person to replace my block duties and I understand they're interviewing now for that person.  Can't come soon enough.

Noon knitting today and I brought in my silk mohair Venomous Tentacula.  I got a little work done on it yesterday and the bigger it grows the more beautiful it becomes.  It is as light as air and with the beads to give it just a teensie bit of weight, should be a perfect autumn wrap.  I am close to deciding to frog the lace front cardigan.  Almost.

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