21 June, 2016

Reservations for Paris

I know it is months away, but I made reservations for Kelli and I for her birthday trip to Paris.  I got an excellent deal on a Norwegian non-stop from LAX plus I found an AirBnB apartment a block from Place des Voges with two beds, rather than a bed and a sofa, which is what I had been finding.  I'm stoked.  I love going to Paris at any time, but around Christmas is so magical.  All of the beautiful decorations and much fewer people. 

I was busy yesterday.  Besides doing my reservations I had actual work to do and meetings to attend.  Today is late meeting day, but I think this might be my last late meeting day.  I am going to try to hand both HFF and MSK off to Meredith this week.  I think she's ready and if she's not, I'll be here for another couple of months to help her out.  Now if they'd just hire the new manager downstairs so I could hand off MBB I would be enjoying the "wind down". 

A thunder storm rolled through last night.  Thank goodness for Tink's tranquilizers.  They work super fast and don't leave her all dopey in the morning.  Thunder storms.  Fireworks.  She just hates it! 

I got my information from the DRS (retirement system) and I was right with my previous estimate.  Now I just have to finish up the application, and do the application to change over my health insurance.  I seriously need to get on that this week.

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