02 June, 2016

I got my new car!

Oh what a great day it was yesterday!  Well the morning was not so great -- mammogram day -- but the afternoon was awesome!  I picked up my new car in the afternoon.  It is a joy to drive and I love the entertainment system and all the bells and whistles.  It's going to take me a while to learn everything.  I'm going to have to spend an hour or so just sitting in the car and going over all of the various setting on the heat and air conditioning.  But I love love love it!

I had noon knitting yesterday and did kind of feel like knitting later but then I got caught up in my car and reading the manual and so I didn't.  I know I probably won't tonight because I've got too many chores to take care of.  And the weekend is going to be hot ..... I'll get to it.

Right now things are just so jumbled in my life.  I'm getting ready to make this HUGE change in my life and I just seem to be bumbling my way through the days.  Every day feels like Friday, for some odd reason.  But it's not Friday.  Thursday and I've got meetings and a bunch of students to see.  I'd better get some food.

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Paige Hollingsworth said...

How exciting to get a new car! Sounds like you really like it, which is great. I think the best part is finding out all the fun features there are so I think you will really enjoy sitting down and trying everything out. I wish you luck in all of your craziness lately. Hopefully Friday will come quick, enjoy!