15 June, 2016

Perhaps my knitting mojo has returned

Last night I really really needed to knit.  I am dissatisfied with my lacy front cardigan because of the yarn -- it's from at least two different dye lots which I didn't cop to when I started, but only when I brought it in to noon knitting.  I didn't want to touch Dune, which is my normal noon knitting project.  I'm not crazy about the yarn.  So that left me with either starting another project or picking up the second Venomous Tentacula, which I am doing with the lace weight silk and mohair ArtYarns yarn I got from a Yarnbox.  It was meant to be a carry along with a worsted weight yarn, but that yarn is variegated and I do not like how that looks.  The challenge is working with this thin yarn, much more like thread than yarn.  But oh, it looks fabulous and the finished product is going to be stunning.  So I picked it up and away I went.  I had also been having problems with the needles - wood ones with rather dull points, which make all the casting off and on more difficult.  But metal ones would be a disaster with this yarn -- too slippery.  But I seem to finally have gotten the hang of it and I got at least one pattern repeat done.  I brought it for noon knitting today.

It was my early day yesterday because of my late meeting, and I had to take Tink in to the vet.  Sure enough she has an infection in her ears and the vet thinks it is bacterial rather than yeast this time.  No wonder she can't hear!  Her ears are so swollen inside that she couldn't get the pointy scope down there.  And I could tell it hurt Tink as well.  We're on our way to getting her all fixed up - antibiotics and Prednisone for a few days and we'll check back on Friday.

And it's quiet this morning but not going to be for long.  I'm busy and have a meeting at 10.  Better dig in.

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