08 June, 2016

Busy is best

I was pretty busy yesterday and I've got a lot on my plate today as well.  That is good because the days go by just a little bit faster.  Plus it's noon knitting day and we all know how I look forward to that.  My new YarnBox Luxe came yesterday and oh my is it ever gorgeous - Lorna's Laces silk and bamboo mix.  I'm not crazy about the dye job but it will definitely be good to work with, especially in the warmer weather.  I don't know how much longer I'll be able to chip away at  my Lace Front Cardigan and Dune considering the composition of the yarn.  I might just have to start a new project with something like ... oh silk maybe?

The MSK meeting wasn't too painful and my replacement sat in, so it won't be long before I give that meeting away.  Then I won't have any reason to leave early on Tuesdays ... hmmm .....

I am taking Friday off since we're going on Thursday night for Omie's birthday.  I wasn't going to take it off, but I have lots to do and I'd rather get it done so that I can spend all of Saturday with my sister.  So on my plate for Friday is getting the new plants for the back -- rhodies -- and getting my hair done.

I have so much to do today.  I'd better get on with it.

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